Iceland: 61% vaccine breakthrough rate – 4,810 infections of which 2,940 are fully vaccinated

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An update on the Covid-19 vaccine breakthrough rate in Iceland, which was at 70% of infections in early August. It has fallen slightly to 61% since then, but that still represents an astonishingly high risk for the fully vaccinated to contract the disease.

The new vaccine breakthrough rate for infections will certainly be distorted by the high incidence of Covid-19 infections in children who are not yet vaccinated and who represent an increasing percentage of infections across the globe.


Vaccine Breakthrough data from the official Iceland Covid-19 Dashboard

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Iceland is still seeing around 200 new Covid-19 cases a week.


August 3rd 2021:

Iceland: 70% vaccine breakthrough – 1,565 infections of which 1,091 are fully vaccinated

** This post was originally published on October 3, 2021 **