UK: New pandemic-high record for Covid cases

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The UK has just breached its all-time record for new Covid cases.

Figures from the ZOE health app show that around three hundred and fifty thousand new symptomatic Covid cases are being recorded every day, and ongoing cases are also nearing a new peak.



The astronomical Covid infection rate in Britain has come at enormous social cost, with every ambulance service in Britain now on a black alert:


Covid cases in UK schools are at a six-month high:



English hospitals are flooded with around 2,000 new Covid cases a day:


Paediatric hospital admissions have risen by nearly 700 in one week:


Covid re-infections in Britain are through the roof:


Around 6,000 new long Covid cases a day:


UK Covid-19 deaths have just surpassed 200,000:


And all of this is happened in the middle of summer!


It isn’t difficult to spot where it all started to go wrong for Britain by looking at its hospitalization chart – it has been one long endless wave of Covid since “Freedom Day” on July 19th 2021.


In 2020 and in 2021, Covid cases for the winter peaks were around 100 times the number of cases recorded in the quiet summer months.
A simple extrapolation of today’s summer infection figures gives an indication of just how dangerous the pandemic could become in Britain this coming winter.





** This post was originally published on July 13, 2022 **