US: Long Covid action plan launched

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A new research and action plan for long Covid has been launched by the Biden administration.

“Long COVID can affect nearly every organ system and hinder an individual’s ability to work, attend school, participate in community life, and engage in normal everyday activities.

Long COVID can affect people regardless of race, age, gender, or baseline health status. It is more common in people with severe COVID-19 who require hospitalization or intensive care, individuals with underlying health conditions, unvaccinated individuals, and people affected by health disparities.

A new CDC study reports that at least 30 days after having COVID-19, one in five COVID-19 survivors aged 18–64 years and one in four survivors aged 65 years or older have a health condition that might be related to their previous COVID-19 illness. People who had previous COVID illness had twice the risk for developing pulmonary embolism or respiratory conditions.”




US National Research Action Plan on Long COVID



Preprint: Three types of long Covid, each with its set of symptoms




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** This post was originally published on August 4, 2022 **