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Monkeypox: Cleaning Sex-on-Premises venues

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Official UK guidance for owners, managers and staff about cleaning sex-on-premises venues in the UK.

Advice for general cleaning in sex-on-premises venues

Monkeypox can spread through close physical contact, such as kissing, skin-to-skin and sex. It is also possible that sharing items such as bedding and towels can pass the infection from one person to another.

Cleaning to reduce risk from the environment in sex on premises settings can be effectively achieved without using specialist services or equipment.

The risk of spread from surfaces can be substantially reduced by regular cleaning using standard cleaning and disinfection methods and materials, and by washing clothes, towels, linens or equipment with standard detergents and cleaning products.

Staff performing cleaning and waste disposal should wear a fluid-repellent surgical mask, non-sterile disposable gloves, and a disposable apron. Hands should be cleaned before and after every clean using soap and water. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser can be used as an alternative to soap and water.

Venues where sex occurs, especially group sex, such as saunas, dark rooms, and sex clubs, usually have standardised protocols for frequent cleaning of these spaces.

Existing protocols for venue cleaning should be strengthened with additional measures:

  • in addition to routine cleaning, areas should be frequently cleaned if soiled with semen, faeces, blood, urine or lubricant
  • spot cleaning should be undertaken at least hourly (or more frequently if warranted during busy periods). Specialist cleaning is not required. Areas that should be targeted for cleaning include any surfaces that might be in contact with people’s skin, such as benches, chairs, walls, beds and sofas

Waste such as tissues, condoms and paper towels should be double bagged and managed through standard waste management.

UK.GOV: Monkeypox – cleaning sex-on-premises venues 



Sex on Premises Venue (SOPV) is the term used primarily in British and Australian medical literature for the various commercial venues expressly for engaging in public sex, as opposed to spaces such as parks which may be used for sexual behavior but are intended for general public use.

A similar term, “on-premises club”, is used by heterosexual swingers to describe a sex club in which non-commercial sexual activity takes place between clients or members.

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