WHO altering documents relating to Monkeypox transmission

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The World Health Organisation (WHO) have been caught editing out references to airborne transmission of Monkeypox from documents on their website.

This comes just days after the CDC quietly edited their website to remove a recommendation to use a facemask to prevent Monkeypox transmission.

This original paragraph from a WHO document on airborne disease transmission has recently been edited: 

It now reads:


Original file:

WHO – monkeypox is airborne


Amended file:

WHO-removes airborne transmission for Monkeypox-1



You’ll notice that Smallpox, a virus related to Monkeypox, has also been edited out from the original version of the above document, even though the WHO admit that Smallpox is transmitted via aerosols in another page on their website:

Smallpox is still airborne according to other documents on the WHO website


“Smallpox is transmitted from person to person by infected aerosols and air droplets spread in face-to-face contact with an infected person. The disease can also be transmitted by contaminated clothes and bedding, though the risk of infection from this source is much lower.”

World Health Organisation: Smallpox


WHO controls the past controls the future: WHO controls the present controls the past.



H/t Maarten De Cock



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** This post was originally published on June 27, 2022 **