Censored by TikTok: Gastroenterologist reveals damage to human microbiome by vaccines

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“Their bifidobacteria dropped to like zero – from like a million to like zero – there was a persistence in the damage, not only 90 days but 6-9 months later.

TikTok has joined the ignominious band of governments, media and tech giants censoring content about the Covid-19 vaccines.

Today, TikTok have suspended a video made by gastroenterologist Dr Sabine Hazan, detailing her findings about damage to the human microbiome following vaccination by the Covid-19 vaccines. We are republishing the suspended video below. 


Bizarrely, TikTok only suspended the video after it had already been viewed over a million times!

Sabine Hazam has posted this statement on Twitter about the video suspension:

Dr Sabine Hazam on Twitter

Dr Sabine Hazam on Rumble


Regular readers may recall that we mentioned the video in a tweet just two days ago:


The video is well worth a watch.  If you are looking for potential causes for Long Covid, for example, damage to the human microbiome would be a good place to start looking.


SARS-CoV-2 may infect bacteria in the gut, act as a bacteriophage


** This post was originally published on March 26, 2023 **