India: BA.2.75 centaurus outcompetes BA.5 in India

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Big news from Nextstrain: the BA.2.75 variant, unofficially nicknamed Centaurus, is now outcompeting BA.5 in India.






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Just days ago, BA.2.75 was described as a “scariant” by Eric Topol, and “Twitter hype” by Tulio de Oliveira:



We’re still not entirely convinced about the threat level that BA.2.75 poses either. We’re not sure whether this variant has sufficient growth potential to form the next European and American winter waves. Its appearance in June 2022 would make it a very early contender for creating a global wave in a December/January peak – perhaps too early?

We suspect that the variant or variants responsible for the next winter wave will be far more dangerous than any variant we have seen to date. From what we have seen so far, we are not sure that BA.2.75 fits that bill.  Centaurus may become a big thing, but just not the big thing..

The next winter wave may not come from a single blockbuster variant like Delta or Omicron at all. It may come in the form of your own personalized viral variant. There is some evidence in the data that that is already happening. We will be looking at that possibility in a follow-up post.

** This post was originally published on July 23, 2022 **