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First case of thrombosis after AstraZeneca #coronavirus vaccination reported in Mexico

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According to Dr. Roberto Ovilla Martínez, head of hematology and bone marrow transplants at Hospital Ángeles Lomas, the patient Francisco Aguirre, an engineer by profession, is receiving treatment based on intravenous immunoglobulin that has helped to improve the condition. This would be the first case of a thrombosis caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine registered in Mexico and in the entire American continent.

Dr. Ovilla Martínez said that on April 2, together with his colleague, Víctor Manuel Vidal, a member of the Naucalpan Satellite Hospital, they diagnosed the patient who is currently hospitalized.

According to the doctor, a graduate from the Autonomous University of Chiapas (UNACH), the 94-year-old patient was inoculated last Wednesday, March 31, with the first dose of the drug developed by the University of Oxford and the AstraZeneca laboratory.

After 42 hours, the patient began to have symptoms such as extreme fatigue and lack of appetite, so his family transferred him to the Corporate Hospital Satélite. report


Image by Ernesto Eslava from Pixabay