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Tenth Yanomami child dies of #coronavirus in #Brazil

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The Yanomami recorded the death of one more child by covid-19 and account for ten deaths caused by the disease. The cases have been registered since last Friday, 26.

The death was reported by the president of the Yanomami Indigenous Health District Council (Condisi-YY), Júnior Hekurari, to FolhaBV on Tuesday, 02. According to the representative, the child was one year old and lived in the Taremu community, in the region of Surucucu, near the municipality of Alto Alegre (RR).

The alarming growth of cases of covid in Roraima, especially in indigenous communities, resulted in a letter from Condisi to the Ministry of Health requesting the dispatch of a health team to the most affected regions. At the time, the Ministry of Health said in a statement that it had received the notification of the deaths and that it would investigate the “veracity of the information”.


Image by Cmacauley – I took this photograph. Previously published: none, CC BY-SA 3.0,