Joe Biden: The pandemic is over

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Joe Biden has stunned the world, and swept the British Queen’s funeral off the headlines, by declaring “the pandemic is over”.



The announcement comes after more than 1500 US deaths were recorded in one day recently. The current seven-day average for the US is around 500 deaths a day.


Over 1500 Covid deaths were recorded on August 31st 2022 in the US:


Covid deaths are currently averaging around 500 a day:


Daily US cases are around 62,000 a day


Even the Fed is worried about the amount of long-term US sickness:

WHO: The End Is Nigh


Remember when we used to follow the science?



Anyhow, we can all apparently relax now as the ‘pandemic is over’™.  With the Queen’s funeral (possibly the biggest Covid superspreader event in history) about to start, only one thing seems appropriate on a day like today; a rousing rendition of Monty Python’s “Always look on the bright side of life”…





WHO: The End Is Nigh


** This post was originally published on September 19, 2022 **