India: The condition of two coronavirus positive lionesses at Etawah Lion Safari deteriorates

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The condition of two lionesses at Etawah Lion Safari who had tested positive for Covid-19 is not getting any better, claimed officials adding that they haven’t eat their food for a few days as well. 

While giving information about the health of the two lionesses, KK Singh, director of Etawah Safari Park, said that both have stopped taking food, hence soup is being given to them in addition to glucose on the advice of doctors and experts called by Safari management.

Both the lioness have not been eating food for the last 10 days and are consuming only water and soup. Glucose is also being administered to them along with medicines at the animal hospital in Etawah Lion Safari. report


UPDATE 21 May 2021:

Four more Etawah Safari employees have been found corona infected. All have been sent to isolation. At the same time, Corona infected lioness Jennifer and Gauri’s condition is stable. However, lionesses have not yet started taking food.

The corona examination of the employees was conducted two days before in Safari. All the negatives were found in the antigen test, but in the RTPCR report that came out on Friday, four employees were found infected. At the same time, both sick lionesses are also being monitored in Safari hospital. report


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India: Two lionesses at Etawah safari park test positive for coronavirus



Image by Julian_Hamburg from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on May 19, 2021 **