France: Hundreds infected by Covid-19 in nursing homes in one week

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There have been a large number of reports of Covid-19 infections in French nursing homes over the past week. Most of the nursing home residents and staff will have been fully vaccinated.

18th August 2021
37 cases of Covid-19 at the Montfort-sur-Meu hospital center.  Link

18th August 2021
51 cases of Covid in a nursing home in Perpignan,  Link

18th August 2021
19 cases of covid-19 were detected in the Plonévez-du-Faou nursing home.  Link

18th August 2021
COVID-19: the virus is back at the Rosemontoise nursing home in Valdoie.  Link

18th August 2021
In Landerneau, two residents and an agent of the Ty-Sklaër unit tested positive for covid-19   Link

18th August 2021
At the Louis Morel residence in Plœuc-L’Hermitage, 17 residents and three officers have tested positive.   Link

17th August 2021
Belfort: ten cases of Covid-19 detected in a nursing home. All vaccinated except one.  Link

17th August 2021
A cluster identified at the Villars-les-Dombes nursing home Eleven residents of the public facility tested positive for the coronavirus last week.   Link

16th August 2021
Loire Atlantique. Five establishments for dependent elderly people are affected by grouped cases of Covid 19 in the department. Despite the vaccination.  Link

16th August 2021
A dozen nursing homes in Pays de la Loire, the majority of which are located in Loire-Atlantique and Vendée, are struck by clusters. Link

15th August 2021
Nineteen residents in the Donzère establishment have tested positive for the coronavirus. The nursing home deplored the deaths of two residents.  Link

15th August 2021
Several cases of covid-19 have been detected at the Brisants residence in Concarneau. The establishment has been temporarily closed to visits.   Link

14th August 2021
In Loperhet, an employee of the Accommodation facility for dependent elderly people (Ehpad), Les Trois Sources, in Loperhet, tested positive for Covid-19 on Friday.  Link

13th August 2021
Côtes d’Armor: 1 infected in nursing home.  Finistère: 1 infected in nursing home.  Ille-et-Vilaine: 3 infected in nursing home. Morbihan: 3 infected in nursing home  Link

12th August 2021
22 infected people, residents and nursing staff alike, in the “Les Pervenches” nursing home in Biéville-Beuville, near Caen.  Link

11th August 2021
Eleven cases of covid were detected among residents and staff at the Foyer d’Argoat nursing home in Ploufragan.  Link


Update 22/08/2021:

The Brittany Regional Health Agency announced on Friday that this recall (booster jab) campaign was preparing at a time when the pressure in nursing homes is increasing: among the 83 clusters currently monitored in Brittany, 19 concern nursing homes, affecting 332 cases including 229 residents. “In almost all of these situations, the elderly who declare covid do not have a serious form of the disease, the vaccination protecting them from complications”, specifies the ARS.

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** This post was originally published on August 18, 2021 **