Preprint: Internal tremors and vibration symptoms among people with Long Covid

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“Sometimes my entire body feels like it’s humming and trembling. It’s like I’m sitting on a huge speaker with the volume all the way up.”

“Internal vibrations started about 3 weeks after. They started in my back and back of upper thighs. It felt like I was sitting on a vibration massage chair. They never went away but would vary in intensity. February 2021 I started having restless left arm at bedtime where my left arm would flap until I fell asleep. On [May 2021] it progressed to full body myoclonic movements lasting up to 30 minutes.”

“My brain shakes after a few hours inside my head, my face starts to tingle and numb, and then the full head shaking seizures start. I have severe head pain and nausea constantly from all the seizures.”

“That week of unrelieved spasms left my body barely able to move. Like paralyzed. I had 3 natural child births. I could not fake such 10/10 pain. I have never felt such intense pain, I thought my back would break and my right arm would be completely dislocated twisted out of socket. I could not breathe at times due to the Laryngeal spasms and diaphragm spasms.”

Medrxiv Preprint: Internal Tremors and Vibration Symptoms Among People with Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2: A narrative review of patient reports


“She [Ferrer] said it was like somebody inserting a cell phone into your chest and turning off the vibration function, but they have the ability to turn it on randomly at any point in the night,”. – Tremors and “internal vibrations”: Long Covid patients are reporting Parkinson’s-like symptoms


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** This post was originally published on December 4, 2021 **