Belgium: 54% of COVID-19 patients in ICUs are fully vaccinated

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At a press briefing, the virologist Steven Van Gucht gave new figures on the percentage of immunised and non-immunised COVID-19 patients on the country’s intensive care wards. The figures that cover the period up to and including 9 November show that 54% of COVID-19 patients that are being treated on intensive care wards in Belgium have been fully vaccinated, and 46% have been partially vaccinated, or not vaccinated. 

Virologist Marc Van Ranst confirmed this in an interview with the VRT evening television news programme. “Vaccinated patients are drawn from 90% of the population while the non-vaccinated patients are drawn from just 10% of the population”, Professor Van Ranst explained.* report


* False comparison alert

Once again we see this dishonest comparison by virologists who infer that the fully vaccinated have the same level of risk for being infected or hospitalized with Covid-19 as the unvaccinated. They do so by using the population size comparison.

Either the vaccines afford protection against infection and hospitalization, or they don’t. Which is it? You cannot have it both ways.  And why is NO ONE calling them out on this?

Also note how the partially vaccinated are always lumped together with the unvaccinated in these comparisons. The partially vaccinated, of course, will soon include those who have had only two doses of vaccine, not three, so the pool of the partially vaccinated, combined with the unvaccinated, will always be large enough to continue to make these false comparisons.



In this article, they say that 70 percent of Belgian hospitalized patients are fully vaccinated but that the “vaccines are working”.


Belgium doctor: Our ICU is full of vaccinated patients



** This post was originally published on November 19, 2021 **