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UK: Summer Covid wave incoming *1 Update*

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According to the ZOE COVID Study figures, on May 13th 2022, there were 116,609 new daily symptomatic cases of COVID in the UK on average. Today, just two day later, that figure stands at 123,088 new cases.

It looks like Britain might be in for a repeat of last summer’s wave, which also kicked off in mid-May: 


This summer, new Covid case increases are being driven by the under 17yr olds.


Scotland and Northern Ireland are being the hardest hit at the moment:


ZOE Covid app: COVID numbers have stopped falling


Don’t expect to hear much about this development in the mainstream media in the UK. The gathering of statistics and reporting on the pandemic has now been almost completely abandoned in Britain.

How’s that “learning to live it” thing going for y’all?


UPDATE 1 – 18th May 2022



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