Federal Reserve: Cognitive difficulties in 62 percent of adults with long COVID

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“A degree of cognitive difficulty is especially common, cited by 62 percent of adults who currently report long-term COVID symptoms compared with 30 percent of those who have never had long-term symptoms.”.

Consistent with medical and media reports, long haulers are much more likely to cite difficulties remembering or concentrating, walking or climbing stairs, and dressing or bathing than other adults do..

Long haulers also report high rates of psychological distress: for example, 38 percent felt down, depressed, or hopeless more than half of the days in the preceding two weeks, compared with 16 percent of adults who never had long COVID. Similar patterns hold for survey questions about anxiety, worry, and little interest or pleasure in doing things.

Federal Reserve report: Long COVID, Cognitive Impairment, and the Stalled Decline in Disability Rates



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** This post was originally published on August 28, 2022 **