Russia: Second highest-ever peak of Covid-19 cases

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Russia has seen a steady increase in Covid-19 cases over the past three weeks, and the second-highest ever wave of the pandemic in Russia was reported on the 27th August 2022 by OurWorldinData. 

Over the past week, the incidence of COVID-19 in Russia increased by 21.2%, on August 29, according to the Russian state operational headquarters for combating the spread of coronavirus.

“The incidence rate of a new coronavirus infection over the past week per 100 thousand of the population was 200.8 and increased by 21.2% compared to the previous week,” the publication says.

The ministry also noted that the increase in incidence occurred in 82 regions of Russia, while in 28 regions the increase in incidence was higher than the national average.

The headquarters also reported an increase in the number of hospitalizations. The hospitalization rate for the past week per 100,000 population was 16.7, which is 21.1% higher than the previous week. An increase in hospitalizations was recorded in 70 subjects of the Russian Federation. report


Russia is seeing a noticeable uptick in Covid-19 cases, shown below. Covid-19 cases seem to be running at more than twice the rate observed on August 29th 2021, one year ago.


Covid-19 hospitalizations are also on the increase in Russia. This chart shows them more than doubling in just three weeks.


Covid-19 deaths in Russia are lagging behind cases, but an increasing trend is already evident:


This chart from from the 31st August 2022 confirms that Russia saw its second-highest ever Covid peak on the 27th August 2022 with 47,093 cases.



UPDATE 1 – 4th September 2022 – updatable Russian Covid cases chart embedded below




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** This post was originally published on August 29, 2022 **