WHO: The end of the pandemic is “still a long way off”

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Just two weeks ago, WHO Director Tedros Ghebreyesus told reporters that the world had “never been in a better position to end the pandemic”, and “the end is in sight.”.

Today, the message from Tedros has changed again. Here is the revised message:

We have spent two and a half years in a long, dark tunnel and we’re just beginning to glimpse the light at the end of that tunnel, but it is still a long way off and the tunnel is still dark with many obstacles that could trip us up if we don’t take care.

We all need hope that we can and we will get to the end of the tunnel and put the pandemic behind us but we’re not there yet. We’re still in the tunnel and we will only get to the end by focusing on the path ahead and by moving forward with purpose and care.purpose and care.

WHO: Monkeypox, COVID-19 & Other Global Health Issues Virtual Press Conference


This change of tone from the World Health Organisation comes just days after American President, Joe Biden, also walked back his comments that the pandemic was over.


Our question is this; why was the disastrous “the pandemic is over” message disseminated globally just days before the start of what could be the worst winter wave in pandemic history?
Mixed messages don’t save lives…




WHO: The End Is Nigh



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** This post was originally published on September 26, 2022 **