China: 10-12% of Guangzhou #coronavirus patients are critically ill – far higher than Wuhan outbreak

Some 10-12 percent of the COVID-19 patients in the latest COVID-19 outbreak in Guangzhou are critically ill, Guan Xiangdong, a specialist in the Guangdong COVID-19 medical team, told media on Thursday. The proportion is higher than in the epidemic in Wuhan, and the following 20 regional clusters that took place across China, in which the proportion was usually 2-3 percent, 5-8 percent or “8-10 percent in a few areas,” Guan said to China Central Television (CCTV) on Thursday.

The relatively high proportion of severe and critically ill cases was probably caused by the highly pathogenic viral strains that spread in this wave of the epidemic in Guangzhou, Guan said.

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China: 2,468 #coronavirus cases, 75 hospitalised in Guangdong after Delta B16172 variant outbreak



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China: Zhengli & Daszak – Human-animal interactions and bat #coronavirus spillover potential among rural residents in Southern China

Zhengli & Daszak study, September 2019 –  “We conducted a cross-sectional study in the districts of Yunnan, Guangxi, and Guangdong, China…  Serological testing of serum samples from 1,497 local residents revealed that 9 individuals (0.6%) in four study sites were positive for bat coronaviruses, indicating exposure at some point in their life to bat-borne SARSr-CoVs (n=7, Yunnan), HKU10-CoV (n=2, Guangxi), or other coronaviruses that are phylogenetically closely related to these.

Zhengli Shi, Peter Daszak, Hongying Li, Emma Mendelsohn, Chen Zong, Wei Zhang, Emily Hagan, Ning Wang, Shiyue Li, Hong Yan, Huimin Huang, Guangjian Zhu, Noam Ross, Aleksei Chmura, Philip Terry, Mark Fielder, Maureen Miller Human-animal interactions and bat coronavirus spillover potential among rural residents in Southern China

China: Zhengli/Daszak/Ecohealth – “Serological Evidence of Bat SARS-Related #Coronavirus Infection in Humans, China” 2018


India: Shi Zhengli, October 2019 – Filovirus antibodies in humans and bats imply zoonotic spillover


Russia: WIV “did absolutely insane things in my opinion, for example, insertions into the genome”

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China: 2,468 #coronavirus cases, 75 hospitalised in Guangdong after Delta B16172 variant outbreak

As of Sunday 30th May 2021, Guangdong had recorded a total of 2,468 cases with 1,035 of them imported. Currently, 75 people are in hospital. Guangdong province has also identified two imported confirmed cases, one from Cambodia to Guangzhou, and another from the United States to Foshan. Guangzhou has reported eight asymptomatic imported cases – from the United Arab Emirates, US, Chad, Amman, the Philippines, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea.

Parts of southern China are in lockdown to contain the Covid-19 outbreak.  Guangzhou bears the brunt of latest cluster with 38 zones sealed to stop the spread as new infections continue to be identified.

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