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Scientist warns of 3rd wave of #Coronavirus in #Manaus, #Brazil

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In  August 2020, Brazilian researcher Lucas Ferrante warned authorities of a 2nd wave of coronavirus in Manaus, Brazil in this article – an event which subsequently occurred and has been widely reported.

Now Ferrante has warned Manaus of a devastating 3rd wave of Covid-19 which could potentially allow the P.1 and P.2 Sars-Cov-2 variants to mutate and spread worldwide in this article: “Manaus City Hall ignores researchers’ warnings about 3rd wave of covid

‘..a third wave could drag on until 2022 and Manaus will be the world epicenter. “If no initiative is taken, as in the past, the third wave will be longer and will kill many more people. The alternative is a lockdown with more than 90% isolation and vaccination for the entire population of Manaus,”’.


Photo by Tomas Martinez on Unsplash