Minnesota: 30% vaccine breakthrough in August 2021

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“Nearly 30% of corona­virus infections in the first four weeks of August have involved people who were fully vaccinated, according to Minnesota breakthrough COVID-19 data released Monday. Fewer than 10% of new coronavirus infections occurred in fully vaccinated people in the weeks before June, but the rate increased this summer. In the first four weeks of August, roughly 30% of infections were in fully vaccinated individuals.”

StarTribune.com report


** The historical figures we have are: **

On the 10th August 2021 there were 5,599 vaccine breakthroughs, 514 hospitalizations and 57 deaths in Minnesota.

On the 30th August 2021 there were 12,559 vaccine breakthroughs, 810 hospitalizations and 80 deaths in Minnesota.

So vaccine breakthrough cases have more than doubled in the last three weeks, hospitalizations have increased by 57% and deaths have increased by 40%.




Photo by Jan Bolz on Unsplash

** This post was originally published on September 1, 2021 **