Australia: 12% of the workforce off sick with long Covid

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An estimated 31,000 Australian workers are calling in sick every day because of the debilitating symptoms of long COVID.

Treasury data given to News Corp papers shows 12 per cent of the labour force is staying home sick because of the long-term after effects of the virus.

Meanwhile, NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet is pushing to shrink the required seven-day isolation period to five days for people who test positive for COVID. report


Let’s recall that, until July 2021, Australia had had almost ZERO cases of Covid-19. By August 2022, that figure had climbed to nearly TEN MILLION CASES.


Covid-19 deaths in Australia now total more than 13,000 in one year:


The Australian health service has been under severe pressure for months:

Guardian report


And for what purpose? news report


Opening Australia’s borders to the coronavirus has turned out to be a massive act of self harm.
For 18 months, Australia had Covid under control. Then it threw it away.



USA: up to 4 million people out of work due to long Covid






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** This post was originally published on August 26, 2022 **