Denmark: new restrictions to slow runaway growth in Omicron

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Denmark has announced a raft of new restrictions to try and slow the runaway growth in Omicron infections across the country.

The new restrictions, which will be implemented from the 10th December 2021, are:

Home work:

Employees in both public and private workplaces are encouraged to “extensively” work from home.


Pupils in primary schools will be sent home from 15 December. There will be online tuition before the Christmas holidays begin. The children are due back in school on January 5th.

Nightlife and restaurants:

Nightclubs and discos “or similar with a dance floor” must be closed.
Bars and restaurants must be closed between midnight and 5am. During the same period, it will be forbidden to sell alcohol in shops.
The requirement for a facemask will be expanded, so that in future you will also have to wear a facemask when you get up at an indoor restaurant.


Concerts, performances, performances or similar with more than 50 standing guests indoors will be banned.

Christmas breakfasts/lunches/dinners:

There is a “strong call” for corporate Christmas lunches and other major social events at the workplace to be cancelled ahead of Christmas. This is not a definite ban.


More details at (in Danish)


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** This post was originally published on December 8, 2021 **