France: 40 cases of Breton variant B.1.616 (20C/655Y) with coronavirus mutations D614G, H655Y, G669S & V482A

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As of April 28, 40 cases of infection with the 20C/655Y (B.1.616) variant have been confirmed (37 in Brittany, three in other regions). The diagnosis was made on a first positive RT-PCR from a sample nasopharyngeal in 13% of them, and from a deep sample in 68% of cases. All cases have a direct or indirect link with the enhanced surveillance zone in Brittany. The majority of cases are linked to transmissions within hospital clusters in the area. A few cases have been reported in link with a chain of transmission in the community but, to date, the monitoring indicators do not suggest a significant community diffusion of this variant in the population, whether in Brittany or elsewhere. Epidemiological investigations are continuing to characterize the episode and monitor the diffusion of this variant.

French Health Department Document: COVID-19: epidemiological update of April 29, 2021 (PDF download)


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** This post was originally published on May 7, 2021 **