Sonia Battaglia from Naples in intensive care after an AstraZeneca vaccination batch ABV5811

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Sonia Battaglia, a 54 year old Neapolitan woman is hospitalized in intensive care in the sea hospital in Naples. The news, spread by family members, was confirmed by health sources. The woman had the AstraZeneca vaccine last week, batch ABV5811, which is currently being seized throughout Italy.

The woman, the relatives stressed, had no previous pathologies and is in intensive care in very serious conditions. “My mother has always been a healthy person, she had no diseases. Suddenly after getting the vaccine she began to have a fever, then to vomit and now he is in intensive care” says Raffaele Conte, son of Sonia Battaglia

She went in immediately and they did a head CT scan which revealed a cerebral hemorrhage. Then we were told that he also had an occlusion of the aorta caused by plaque. But it wasn’t over, two hours later we were told that she had multiple district blood clots and even a heart attack.

Update: Sonia Battaglia has now sadly died.

** This post was originally published on March 15, 2021 **