Wales: Haverfordwest woman’s arm becomes magnetic following coronavirus jab

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A HAVERFORDWEST woman says she can now attach small metallic objects to her arm in the area where she had her Covid-19 jab.

Teacher and author Alais Winton had her first dose of the AstraZenaca vaccine back in April, followed by what she describes as four days of terrible flu like side effects.

A month later she saw a video on Facebook of an American woman sticking metal objects to her arm where she had had her vaccination.

“I thought ‘that’s complete nonsense, I’m going to disprove this’,” said Alais. “I tried it and I could stick a metal key to me. I was like ‘what the hell?'”


Woman's arm becomes magnetic after Covid-19 vaccine


Western Telegraph report includes video

** This post was originally published on June 21, 2021 **