Nepal: nearly 20% of Delta #coronavirus sequences have K417N mutation – mountaineers variant increasing

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The Nepalese Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) said that out of 47 confirmed delta variant samples, nine were found to have K417N mutations.

According to the ministry, the new mutation has also been named AY.1 (aka Delta-AY.1 or “Mountaineers” variant).

Issuing a press statement on Monday, the MoHP revealed that AY.1 mutation has been confirmed in more than 10 countries, including Nepal.

With this, Nepal has witnessed Alpha and Delta as the variant of concern and Kappa variant of concern, the Ministry said.

The Ministry had selected 48 samples from the National Public Health Laboratory from the people of all age groups from April 29  to June 3 and tested them in WHO identified Center for Excellence in Genomics, The Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology (IGIB).

Out of them 47 samples had come with delta variant B.1.617.2 and one had come with alpha variant B.1.1.7. Among the 47 delta variant samples nine had shown K417N mutation, the Ministry said. report


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