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Denmark: 70% of hospitalized Omicron patients are double or triple vaccinated *1 UPDATE*

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Denmark has updated its latest Omicron report with details of the vaccination status of those hospitalized for the variant.  The data shows that more than 75% of hospitalized Omicron patients have had at least one dose of vaccine, more than 52% have had two doses, and more than 18% have had three doses.

If these figures are updated by Denmark’s SSI in future reports, we will update them here too.

On the 3rd January 2022, 52.6% of Omicron patients were double vaccinated, and 18.1% were triple vaccinated, a total of 70.7%. A further 5.3% have had one dose of vaccine.

Download the SSI report for the 3rd January 2022 here (in English)

UPDATE 1: 5th JANUARY 2022

In the report dated 5th January 2022, the following note is included:

“As of 5th of January, the report will no longer include data on [hospital] admissions and deaths.  SSI continues to monitor and publish data on the development in Omicron cases and severity in publications, including the weekly Tendensrapport. “

A lot has been said recently about how “mild” Omicron is. The hospitalization figures for Covid in Denmark may be telling a different story though, as the number of hospitalized Covid patients is now HIGHER THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN during the pandemic.


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Image by ELG21 from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on January 4, 2022 **