UK ZOE app reports the highest UK Covid daily case rate ever recorded

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The UK Covid App ZOE is reporting 76,402 daily Covid cases today, a figure that is higher than the previously reported official peak of 68,192 daily Covid cases on the 8th January 2021. 


The previously reported highest official figure for daily cases was 68,192, on January 8th 2021. The UK Covid-19 vaccine rollout, which has vaccinated 85% of the eligible population, had barely begun at that point. Note: The chart below is tracking the official UK government figures rather than the ZOE app figures.


The ZOE app is also reporting 1,002,466 symptomatic Covid cases in Britain, not far off the previous peak figure of 1,060,343 on January 11th 2021.


The official UK government dashboard figure is showing just under 50,000 daily cases, but all of the indicators are pointing in the wrong direction.


Britain is about to head into a winter Covid wave with more cases than ever before. Deaths from Covid are rising, and millions of children have been deliberately infected with Covid-19 after being sent to school where all mitigations were removed. There is presumably a plan here, but we are at a complete loss as to what the plan is, and the UK government aren’t telling.

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Update 19th October 2021 – daily cases are still spiralling:


Update 20th October 2021 – daily cases are still spiralling:


Update 21st October 2021 – daily cases are still spiralling:


Update 22nd October 2021 – daily cases are still spiralling – that’s a near 10% rise in FOUR DAYS:


Update 23rd October 2021 – daily cases are still spiralling – another staggering uplift:


This chart shows the number of people calculated to have COVID symptoms on each day since the 11th June 2020. The chart shows that Britain now has the highest infection figures of the entire pandemic.



With 223 deaths recorded in Britain on the 19th October 2021, it’s incredibly irresponsible for the UK government to allow Covid cases to rise this far.

223 deaths were recorded in a single day in Britain on 19th October 2021

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