Germany: First child to be infected with Monkeypox reported in Berlin

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Berlin: The number of infections with monkeypox in Germany continues to rise. Around 700 cases have been registered worldwide. For the first time, a child has also been infected with the virus, reports the Berlin infectiologist Heiko Jessen.

In Berlin, Monkeypox infections had doubled by Friday, 3rd June 2022. The Robert Koch Institute recorded 39 reports by noon.

“The situation is very dynamic,” says Jessen. In his Schöneberg practice alone, 15 patients presented with monkeypox. Jessen expects that there will be a number of cases again after the Pentecost weekend. “The curve should continue to go up,” says the resident doctor.

Berliner Zeitung report (in German)


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** This post was originally published on June 4, 2022 **