Monkeypox: Anecdotal evidence of reinfection within three weeks

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An anecdotal report from Reddit of someone who may have become reinfected with monkeypox within three weeks of his first infection, although an uncleared persistent infection is also a possibility.

“2nd infection. Was all clear 7/18/22. Was officially cleared by the county and my doctor the next week, 7/25/22. They wanted me to finish my TPOXX, and confer. No, I didn’t get vaccinated, they told me it was not needed and they would not do it per guidelines (CDC/Kaiser – not sure).

Went to the Dore Alley Folsom Street Party in SF on 7/31. Went to a couple of after-parties, went to Buena Vista Park, and had sex with several men over the course of Sunday/Monday.

Here is the sores days breakdown going forward (I’m talking sore days here, I got VERY sick on 8/4/22, with Shigella (that shit is BRUTAL):

  1. 8/9/22, what the heck, that looks like 4 new sores on the shaft of my penis, this can’t be..

  2. 8/10/22, 4 on the shaft of my penis, 1 each on the back of my legs, 1 on my face (right cheek this time – thank you for the symmetry Monkeypox). Dr. app in 4 hours. The sores, no f’ing doubt, MPV. Dr. took all my samples. She is fairly certain it is a second infection of MPV. Will have CDC compare the two positive test samples for differences.

  3. Day 3, 8/11/22. One new sore, two of the main penis sores are tender. This looks to be a mild infection. 8 sores total.

  4. Day 4, 8/12/22. Settling into the routine again. Super tired after 2/3pm must nap, drenching night sweats. Got the TPOXX FedEx today. My doctor and I have decided to not take it. If the virus appears inside my rectum or urethra I will start it.

  5. Saturday, sores day 5, 8/13. New closed sore top of the right butt crack, big one. Penis sores are not progressing just kinda smoldering topless volcanoes. Bed was soaked again this morning.

  6. Sunday, the bed was soaked, had to move to the other side halfway through the night. The left tonsil area is sore and tender on swallowing. Feels like the left neck lymph nodes are swollen.”

We have edited out parts of this report due to the sensitive nature of the content, however the original Reddit post can be found here.



Monkeypox: Infected by a kiss on the cheek, unimaginable pain, then my DOGS got lesions..



Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on August 15, 2022 **