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Breton variant: 13 cases of the new #coronavirus strain confirmed

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Public Health France has indicated that the Breton variant is limited to “a town in Côtes-d’Armor and the distribution of the 20C/H655Y variant therefore seems to be currently limited to this geographical area”. The geographical area is the city of Lannion.

Among the 13 confirmed cases, 11 come from the epidemic focus at the Lannion hospital center , another in the population (which is currently in strict confinement) and another in the Paris region, detected within the Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital.

Of these 13 confirmed cases, the ARS also confirms 7 deaths, including 5 contaminations with the Breton variant were detected by post-mortem samples. The remaining 6 are hospitalized. “Nothing indicates for the moment that this variant would be more contagious and more severe”, wishes to underline the ARS. report


Image by JackieLou DL from Pixabay