25% of coronavirus patients in Uppsala, Sweden are in intensive care

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“It will get worse before it gets better.” The words are from the chief physician Magnus von Seth, who sees up close how the third wave strikes with force against Uppsala, Sweden.

Right now, every fourth covid patient in the county is cared for at IVA.  “This time it is younger patients we are admitting,” he says.

The Academic Hospital’s intensive care unit is again under high pressure. This weekend, another five very seriously ill patients were admitted, which meant that every fourth covid patient in the county was cared for at IVA.

To find a worse situation, you have to go back to the first half of April last year. The peak came on April 9, when 30 percent of all patients in the Uppsala Region were in intensive care.

SVT.se report



** This post was originally published on March 23, 2021 **