ALERT! The world’s highest ever daily case rate has just been recorded

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The world saw it’s highest ever number of Covid infections in one day yesterday. Nearly one million new cases were recorded on the 23rd December 2021.

The daily fluctuations in the Covid infection rate that normally happen across each week also appear to have been altered.

By zooming in to the global cases chart below, you can see that the normal daily fluctuations in the recording of Sars-CoV-2 have been replaced, for the first time ever in the pandemic, by a continuous increase in cases across all days.

In two years of studying these infection charts, we haven’t seen anything remotely like this.


The chief contributors to the alteration of the normal wave structure are Europe and north America:

We have  moved into a period of extraordinary danger in this pandemic.


Until the current wave has crested and subsided, we strongly recommend:

* Staying in a single, safe location whenever possible
* Keeping your safe place well ventilated
* Avoid mixing as much as possible
* Avoid travelling where possible
* Wearing an FFP2 mask or better, both indoors when you are not at home, and outdoors whenever possible

** This post was originally published on December 24, 2021 **