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Eric Topol: The Covid Capitulation

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“The real number of cases is likely at least 500,000 per day, far greater than any of the US prior waves except Omicron. The bunk that cases are not important is preposterous. They are infections that beget more cases, they beget Long Covid, they beget sickness, hospitalizations and deaths. They are also the underpinning of new variants.

Meanwhile, the CDC propagates delusional thinking that community levels are very low (as my friend Peter Hotez called the “field of greens”) while the real and important data convey that transmission is very high throughout most of the country. Not only does this further beget cases by instilling false confidence, but it is conveniently feeding the myth that the pandemic is over—precisely what everyone wants to believe.”

Eric Topol: The Covid Capitulation – As the virus accelerates its evolution, humans retrogress


** Eric Topol, one of a handful of people who actually seems to get it **



USA: BA.2.12.1 has transmission advantage of ~25% over BA.2 – *1 UPDATE*





Image by wal_172619 from Pixabay