“The simplest virus is a hundred times more intelligent than all the most intelligent virologists on the planet”

“The simplest virus is a hundred times more intelligent than all the most intelligent virologists on the planet”, says Verónica Casado, the former head of the Ministry of Health in Castilla y León, Spain.

There is a very long article in El Periodico about how unhappy Verónica Casado is with the fight against Covid in Spain, linked to below.

El Periodico article (in Spanish)



Children to spearhead Britain’s winter offensive against the coronavirus

The same UK politicians and scientists who have blundered from one disaster to the next in the Covid crisis have decided to reopen British schools in September 2021 with no mitigations in place and to let our children bear the brunt of the next brutal Covid wave alone.

Whilst Boris Johnson is cowardly hiding in his Whitehall bunker, British children will be sent to the front lines with no protection whatsoever and made to fight the virus in its most aggressive winter form at their nurseries, schools, colleges and universities.

The result:

Death and disability

Long Covid rife in children of three years and upwards

A generation betrayed


Britain unconditionally surrenders to the coronavirus


Children now account for 36% of Tennessee’s virus cases



Photo by Changbok Ko on Unsplash

UK: Boris goes full Bolsonaro and decides to “let the bodies pile high” by lifting lockdown restrictions completely

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in April 2021 that he ‘would rather let bodies pile high’ than impose a third national lockdown. Well it seems he is about to get his way as his new Cabinet has, despite the massive Delta wave engulfing the country, just signed off on the removal of all Covid-19 restrictions starting on the July 17th 2021.

Boris Johnson is convinced that the Covid vaccines have broken the link between high coronavirus infection rates and deaths. He is so convinced, in fact, that he is in willing to gamble with the health and lives of millions of his own citizens in order to prove it.  When this complete fallacy is proved to be wrong, and we mean disastrously wrong, Boris will no doubt attempt to blame others in his cabinet, (or those that have previously departed), for these genocidal mistakes, just as he has done right throughout this entire Covid-19 crisis.

Boris has finally gone full Bolsonaro. Egged on by a few self-interested business hawks and economic hatchet-men, their only priority seems to be to put bums on seats in shabby West End theatres and fill grim suburban pubs to capacity to start raising taxes again.

We’re right back to February 2020. The discourse is, once again, about Herd Immunity, but this time the conversation is being held behind closed doors, filed away in secret reports and covered up with vile, almost Mengelian, secret school infection experiments. 

There will be blood. Undoubtedly there will be more blood, more covid misery and more covid deaths than the UK has ever imagined possible. 

But at least the pubs will have had a decent summer.


Israel: 50% vaccine breakthrough for #coronavirus cases in the last month

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

So what is Plan B if the vaccines fail?

14th June 2021: We’ve spent two days scouring the internet looking for Plan B for what happens in the event of complete Covid-19 vaccine failure. So what does happen if the vaccines fail? Here is what we have found so far:

Actually, we found no results. It seems that no one is even asking the question. Perhaps it’s time to start that conversation?


Global Covid-19 Map courtesy of John Hopkins University



** UPDATE 31ST JULY 2021 **  Finally, the UK government takes a peek out of the front screen to see what is oncoming rather than checking the rear-view mirror to look at the pile-up that has just occurred.

*Warning*  The report contains plenty of dire predictions but proposes no solutions whatsoever.

UK SAGE Bombshell Report: The Long Term Evolution of Sars-CoV-2



** UPDATE 15th AUGUST 2021 ** 

“UK Ministers are being pressed to reveal what contingency plans are in place to deal with a future Covid variant that evades current vaccines, amid warnings from scientific advisers that such an outcome could set the battle against the pandemic back a year or more.”  

Guardian article



** UPDATE 27th AUGUST 2021 **

If you have two hours to waste, you could spend it reading this new European view on the future of Sars-CoV-2:

A look into the future of the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe: an expert consultation

In our opinion, this article is by far the poorest attempt yet to predict the future course of the pandemic, relying largely on outdated information and stale groupthink. For example:

What can be expected in the autumn and winter of 2021 depends substantially on what happens in the summer; specifically, the success of vaccination programs both in Europe and worldwide, and the emergence and spread of (new) VOCs. Compared to the summer, autumn and winter bring the additional complication of unfavorable seasonal effects. The seasonality of coronaviruses is expected to increase infections in the autumn and winter months…..”

It’s a 0/10 from us.




The UK has another stab at Plan B:


The UK announces its winter Covid plans


Er, yeah, I guess we’ll keep searching…




Sweden: The Medical Products Agency has received almost six times as many suspected side effects reported for Astra Zeneca’s vaccine compared to Pfizer and Moderna

The Swedish Medical Products Agency has received almost six times as many reports of suspected side effects for Astra Zeneca’s vaccine, compared with the other two EU-approved vaccines Pfizer/Biontech and Moderna, in relation to the number of people vaccinated.  By the end of March, the authority had received 14,275 reports – by then, 252,000 people in Sweden had received the Swedish-British vaccine. It will be a share of 5.7 percent. The corresponding figure for Pfizer / Biontech is 0.7 and for Moderna 0.9.

DN.se report


The EMA’s response, along with that of the World Health Organisation, is published below:

Image by Vicki Nunn from Pixabay

What would Boris the Libertarian have thought of this Prime MInister ruling by diktat?

That champion of freedom now leads a government which can remove liberties at the stroke of a pen, dismiss dissent and scorn scrutiny.  While being grilled by MP’s about the government’s coronavirus response, Boris Johnson proclaimed that the UK was a “freedom-loving country”. That patriotic, idealistic view of Britain and Britons is typical of Boris the liberal.  The Telegraph:

And now:

Boris: Twice weekly tests for ALL

Boris: Compulsory vaccinations

Boris: Vaccine passports

Boris: Demonstrations curtailed

Is this really what the UK has spent the last year fighting for?

Your job, Boris, was to CLOSE THE UK’s BORDERS LAST MARCH. You still haven’t done it.


Emergence of a #coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 E484K variant of interest in Arizona – VOI B.1.243.1

We sequenced the SARS-CoV-2 genome from 688 positive samples collected from December 28 2020 to March 13 2021 in Arizona, USA.  638 high-quality complete genomes were successfully sequenced that included variants such as B.1.1.7, B.1.427/429 and P.2. We detected 7 genomes associated with a common B.1.243 variant that had acquired an E484K mutation in the spike protein. 

The novel variant had 11 lineage-defining mutations including V213G and E484K in the spike gene, a 9-nt deletion in ORF1ab (ΔSGF3675-77), a 3-nt insertion in the non-coding intergenic region upstream of the N gene and other synonymous substitutions (Figure 1A, Supplementary Table 1). These 11 conserved mutations are distinct from the mutations associated with the parental lineage, B.1.243. The parental B.1.243 lineage is a common circulating variant in the US that was first observed at the start of the pandemic as early as March 2020 (Figure 1B, 96.9%). The B.1.243 parent lineage encodes the spike gene D614G substitution, but none of the other concerning mutations (Figure 1A, Supplementary Table 2). Therefore, we designate the new E484K harboring variant the provisional name of B.1.243.1.

Medrxiv preprint


Image by dianakuehn30010 from Pixabay

Hamburg Professor’s paper “Study on the origin of the coronavirus pandemic” causes outrage in Germany

Bild.de “Corona came from a laboratory in Wuhan!

Bild.de “Anger wave against the Hamburg professor

ZDF.de “University of Hamburg spreads questionable theory

MLS24.de “Massive criticism of laboratory theory at the University of Hamburg

Read it for yourself!  Professor Dr. Roland Wiesendanger paper is HERE

(It’s a PDF in German, so run it through a translator)

The NEU’s June 2020 plan for restarting #UK #education is as valid now as it was then

A ten-point plan for children and young people

  1. Disadvantaged children and young people and their families must be a key priority. They must not become casualties of COVID.
  2. Free school meals must continue to be provided over the summer holidays so that disadvantaged children do not go hungry. Holiday hunger was real pre COVID – it will be worse this summer.
  3. Local authorities must be funded to make a summer holiday local offer to children and young people.  Local authorities should coordinate the planning of summer holiday clubs, particularly in areas of deprivation, so that children and young people have a safe place to go to and positive activities to engage and interest them, and build their confidence for a successful return to school in September. Places for those on Free School Meals should be fully funded by Government.
  4.  Public buildings, such as libraries and sports halls, civic centres and religious buildings should be used to expand the space available to schools so that social distancing can be achieved, with greater numbers of pupils being educated in non-school settings, if not in schools.
  5. Qualified teachers who have left the profession should be encouraged to return to teaching. They will be needed as class sizes will be smaller. This will help all children who have gone through a traumatic time during the crisis, and in particular disadvantaged children who will benefit greatly from lower pupil/teacher ratios.
  6. GCSE and A levels must be changed to provide a fair assessment of young people’s attainment.  They cannot be expected to cover all the current syllabus because they have had less teaching time.  This could involve a combination of teacher assessment and slimmed down exams, with more choice of questions.  Whatever the decisions made, teachers, pupils and their parents need to know that the emergency measures adopted for GCSE and A level exams in 2020 will not be repeated in 2021.  Government will need to reassure all those involved that this will be a fair process that will not disadvantage young people and their futures.  Primary SATs should not take place because they are mainly a school accountability measure and will not be comparable to previous or subsequent years.
  7. Plans must be made for blended learning – pupils learning at school and at home – from September and into the next academic year, with all pupils having both face-to-face contact and remote learning when this is safe. These plans will be needed in case of a second spike or a rise in a local R rate.  This must be resourced by government and teachers supported to develop blended learning as has happened in Scotland.
  8. Children and young people living in poverty and low- income homes must be given the resources they need to learn at home, including access to books and creative resources, as well as technology.  700 thousand children live in homes without internet access.  This must be provided by government so that these children are able to access on-line learning.  Free laptops must be provided for children who do not have them so that they are able to access online learning at home.
  9.  We know childhood poverty and inequality limits life chances and is a significant factor in school achievement. We must not lose a generation because the pandemic makes even more children poor. This requires a ‘can do’ mentality – around unemployment, training and benefits as well as direct support to schools.
  10. A national plan for children’s wellbeing should be resourced and launched to support children who suffered trauma in the pandemic and students’ well-being must be placed at the centre of how we adapt education to meet the needs of children and young people.


Forcing #UK #schools to stay open during #Covid pandemic could constitute a crime against humanity

UK Government launches legal action against Greenwich school closures

Education secretary uses emergency Covid legislation for first time over London council’s plans


The long term nature and severity of the disease caused by Sars-cov-2 are now common public knowledge.
Forcing children by law to congregate in areas of such high infection may well constitute a crime against humanity.

Crimes Against Humanity

For the purpose of this Statute, ‘crime against humanity’ means any of the following acts when committed as part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population, with knowledge of the attack:
Deportation or forcible transfer of population;
Imprisonment or other severe deprivation of physical liberty in violation of fundamental rules of international law;
Rape, sexual slavery, enforced prostitution, forced pregnancy, enforced sterilization, or any other form of sexual violence of comparable gravity;
Persecution against any identifiable group or collectivity on political, racial, national, ethnic, cultural, religious, gender as defined in paragraph 3, or other grounds that are universally recognized as impermissible under international law, in connection with any act referred to in this paragraph or any crime within the jurisdiction of the Court;
Enforced disappearance of persons;
The crime of apartheid;
Other inhumane acts of a similar character intentionally causing great suffering, or serious injury to body or to mental or physical health.
For the purpose of paragraph 1:
‘Attack directed against any civilian population’ means a course of conduct involving the multiple commission of acts referred to in paragraph 1 against any civilian population, pursuant to or in furtherance of a State or organizational policy to commit such attack;

A coronavirus vaccine is a complete myth

Our Opinion:  A coronavirus vaccine is a complete myth.

Diseases that humans HAVE eradicated by vaccine: Smallpox

Diseases that humans have NOT eradicated by vaccine:  Anthrax, Bubonic Plague, Chagas, Chikungunya, Cholera, Common Cold, Cytomegalovirus, Dengue, Diptheria, Ebola, Gonorrhea, Hantavirus, HIV/AIDS, Hookworm, Influenza, Leishmaniasis, Leprosy, Lyme Disease, Marburg, Meningitis, MERS, Malaria, MRSA, Norovirus, Pertussis, Pneumonia, Rabies, Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Rotavirus, Salmonella, SARS, Schistosomiasis, Syphilis, Tetanus, Tuberculosis, Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, Yellow Fever, Zika

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Schools and universities should NEVER have reopened

The reopening of schools and universities across the globe these past few months has been humanity’s largest ever gamble.

It was a gamble on our future, on our very existence as a species. And it’s a gamble we are about to lose.

Millions of children have now been knowingly exposed to this highly toxic bioweapon. In effect, we sent our children to the front line to fight a biological war on our behalf with nothing more than hope to protect them.

The effects of the exposure on our children will shortly become apparent. The results will be truly CATASTROPHIC.

Many children will die. Many children will endure a lifetime of ill-health and disability as a result of their exposure.

If we are so willingly prepared to sacrifice our children as shock troops in a first wave of a biological war, perhaps, as a species, we don’t deserve to survive?