Scotland: 70% of Covid deaths and 58% of hospitalizations are fully vaccinated

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Grim news from Scotland where fresh Covid outbreaks are causing record infection numbers and vaccine breakthrough cases are now in the majority for both Covid hospitalizations and deaths. The partially and fully vaccinated now account for a majority of new cases too.


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** UPDATE **  The TravellingTabby Scotland Covid dashboard have REMOVED the charts posted above from their website! The background data for their website is still in place however, it’s available here, and we are reprinting it below. You may want to take a copy of the spreadsheet for your own records whilst it is still available!



Data from TravellingTabby Scotland Covid dashboard


Case information from Public Health Scotland:


Hospitalization information from Public Health Scotland:


Public Health Scotland latest Covid report


Brazil: “Public Health Scotland has been manipulative in the way it has presented the number of Covid deaths”


Scottish Sunday Post: Paramedics: Army must run field hospitals to ease A&E crisis





Image by ciwa from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on September 5, 2021 **