UK: nearly one million people are predicted to have symptomatic Covid in Britain

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The ZOE Covid-19 app is showing another huge rise in symptomatic coronavirus cases across the UK, and the pandemic record peak set in January 2021 may soon be broken if the rise isn’t checked. The official UK government figures for Covid-19 are not reflecting the rise that the ZOE app is seeing.

The UK government is pivoting away from free Covid testing, presumably to reduce the official count even further.  All of this is happening with the winter Covid surge about to start in Britain, with a peak estimated to be in about ten weeks time, just before Christmas 2021

The ZOE app is now showing over 70,000 new Covid cases in Britain every day


Official UK government figures are showing less than half the number of infections that the ZOE Covid app is picking up


All of this, of course, with the backdrop of Britain having vaccinated nearly 85% of its population. Across the four UK countries, 92.7% to 94.1% had received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 81.7% to 86.7% were fully vaccinated


The UK could set a new pandemic record for symptomatic cases in the coming days.


The UK government and its advisors have been asleep at the wheel for the entire pandemic. As tens of thousands of British kids become infected in schools across the country, there is no sign that they are preparing to wake from their slumber anytime soon. By the time they do, the damage, the irreversible damage, will have already been done.


** This post was originally published on October 9, 2021 **