Britain plays Russian roulette with Covid – 130,000 symptomatic cases and rising

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THE UK Covid app ZOE is reporting 129,970 new symptomatic covid cases in the UK today, as the Omicron variant spirals out of control. The British government, meanwhile, appears content to do nothing whilst the worst medical catastrophe in the country’s history unfolds around it.


The UK ZOE Covid app is recording nearly 130,000 cases of symptomatic Covid today:


The total number of people with symptomatic Covid in the UK is currently 1,360,993 cases, as symptoms can continue to manifest for two weeks or more.


130,000 new cases a day would be more than TWICE as high as last winter’s peak:


Even the UK government’s own figures show that new Covid cases exceeded 100,000 a day on 15th December 2021. After that date, Covid tests became almost impossible to order online, denting the upward curve in their statistics. So that’s how it’s done!


The UK government, it seems, are in no rush to bring the number of cases down:



UPDATE: UK Covid figures for 21st December 2021



London ablaze with Covid: Brixton has 4,445 Covid cases per 100,000 people


Just a reminder of the sort of long term sickness levels these case numbers will generate from January 2022 onwards.

Cattle infected with Covid



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** This post was originally published on December 20, 2021 **