UK: Vaccine booster program to start in September 2021

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The UK JCVI’s interim advice, based on existing evidence, is to offer COVID-19 booster vaccines to the most vulnerable, starting from September 2021. The booster programme will aim to provide additional resilience against variants, and maximise protection in those who are the most vulnerable to serious disease from COVID-19 ahead of the winter months, when there is increased pressure on the NHS as non-COVID-19 emergency demand is at its highest.

A booster dose would be offered to groups in 2 stages and, if possible, delivered alongside the annual influenza vaccination. In the first stage, a booster would be offered to:

  • adults aged 16 years and over who are immunosuppressed
  • those living in residential care homes for older adults
    all adults aged 70 years or over
  • adults aged 16 years and over who are considered clinically extremely vulnerable
  • frontline health and social care workers

As soon as practicable after the first stage, the second stage would see a booster offered to:

  • all adults aged 50 years and over
  • adults aged 16 to 49 years who are in an influenza or COVID-19 at-risk group
  • and adult household contacts of immunosuppressed individuals

Source: 19 July guidance on protecting people who are clinically extremely vulnerable from COVID-19


UK: Vaccine booster program to start in September 2021

** This post was originally published on July 12, 2021 **