Austria: more than 50% of Covid hospital patients are double vaccinated

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“The number of infections among vaccinated people is too high. More than 50 percent of hospital patients are double vaccinated and the number of infections among those vaccinated is too high,” says Austrian oncologist Richard Greil.

Greil is demanding significantly stricter Covid measures from politicians. The FFP2 mask requirement would have to be significantly expanded and the third-party vaccinations significantly accelerated.

Greil is calling for restrictions, as in the case of lockdowns: “Politicians are reluctant to use the term. I have them too, but effective contact restrictions are required for the general population.  Lockdown for the unvaccinated is not enough”

A lockdown announced by politicians for unvaccinated people* is neither sufficient nor controllable in view of the number of infections, according to Greil. report (in German)


* That’s right, Austria wants to keep the unvaccinated locked down at home.


Like Germany, Austria has seen a winter wave breaking in 2021 that is every bit as severe as the winter wave of 2020


Austria: lockdown for the unvaccinated announced

** This post was originally published on November 5, 2021 **