It’s Britain’s third-largest Covid wave ever, and it’s still climbing…

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New figures out today from UK Covid app ZOE show there are currently 3,092,451 symptomatic cases of Covid-19 in Britain, making it the third-largest Covid wave ever, and the wave is still growing.




New daily Covid cases in the UK are running at over 262,000, a big increase on the 204,000 cases we reported on just two weeks ago in this post.


Covid-19 hospitalizations for England are also on the rise. It’s fairly obvious where this trend is headed:





UPDATE – With just two days left until Christmas, the UKHSA have come out with some seriously stern advice for those with a Covid-19, strep A, RSV, scarlet fever, polio, diptheria or influenza infection:



The simple fact is, however, if you live in the UK, you almost certainly know someone that is sick at the moment, and in many cases, you probably know an entire family or two. Sickness is everywhere, There is almost no Covid testing available to the general public, no mitigations are in place or encouraged, and there hasn’t been a single peep from British politicians about the pandemic for months.

We’ve all been here before. We all know how this shitshow ends, right?



Nearly 2.5 million symptomatic Covid infections reported in the UK

** This post was originally published on December 22, 2022 **