Preprint: Monkeypox has epidemic potential

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“Monkeypox has epidemic potential

“We conclude that circulation of smallpox, followed by worldwide smallpox vaccination, have previously protected human populations from monkeypox epidemics. We combined historical data on smallpox and monkeypox with mathematical modelling to estimate the basic reproduction number of monkeypox, and found that monkeypox has epidemic potential. This finding may explain the increasing number of monkeypox outbreak reports, resulting in endemic monkeypox in central African countries. Moreover, with declining immunity to orthopoxvirus species, monkeypox can pose an ever-increasing threat for health security.”

Preprint: Modelling human-to-human transmission of monkeypox


An excellent Twitter thread from Tom Wenseleers discussing this preprint and the Monkeypox threat:




A second case of monkeypox was reported in Switzerland, a woman in Geneva.”




15 cases of Monkeypox have been confirmed in Quebec.



Forbes: US will release Monkeypox vaccine from stockpile




ECDC: Quarantine Monkeypox patients AND their pets




** This post was originally published on May 24, 2022 **