Schools and universities should NEVER have reopened

Coronavirus, Opinion

The reopening of schools and universities across the globe these past few months has been humanity’s largest ever gamble.

It was a gamble on our future, on our very existence as a species. And it’s a gamble we are about to lose.

Millions of children have now been knowingly exposed to this highly toxic bioweapon. In effect, we sent our children to the front line to fight a biological war on our behalf with nothing more than hope to protect them.

The effects of the exposure on our children will shortly become apparent. The results will be truly CATASTROPHIC.

Many children will die. Many children will endure a lifetime of ill-health and disability as a result of their exposure.

If we are so willingly prepared to sacrifice our children as shock troops in a first wave of a biological war, perhaps, as a species, we don’t deserve to survive?

** This post was originally published on October 12, 2020 **