Nigerian coronavirus variant B1525 isolated in Brescia, Italy. Mutations include E484K, Q677H, F888L and a similar suite of deletions to B.1.1.7.

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The Nigerian variant of Covid has been isolated in Brescia. “For the first time in Italy we have isolated the virus carrying these mutations which are of concern because they could confer resistance to the anti Covid vaccines available today” explained Arnaldo Caruso, president of the Italian Virology Society and director of the Asst Spedali Civili Microbiology Laboratory. of the Lombard city which has been in the orange zone for a week and will remain so for another week.

“From the last survey, which ended on March 1, from the analysis of the variants on positive swabs causally extracted by the Lombard laboratories, it is highlighted that the English variant [B.1.1.7] is equal to 64% of the sampling on a regional basis. attended, a range ranging from 43% to 86% is observed “. report


Image by Wilfried Pohnke from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on March 2, 2021 **