India: Covid infections twice as high in fully vaccinated than those with single dose

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More positive Covid cases are reported among fully-vaccinated people in India compared to those who have only had a single dose of vaccine.

According to Indian health experts, a combination of factors such as hybrid immunity (acquired through a combination of vaccination and infection), age and testing strategy could have led to the difference. There are various studies that indicate how hybrid immunity is superior when compared to the immunity received from double dose of vaccination. 

Dr Althaf A, an epidemiologist and associate professor at Government Medical College Hospital, Manjeri, pointed out that hybrid immunity among youngsters is far better than that of fully-vaccinated adults.  “There are chances that a lot of youngsters were infected in the second wave. When they get a single dose following the infection, it will result in better immunity,” he said. 

New Indian Express report

p.s. That’s a 38% vaccine breakthrough rate for the fully vaccinated, and a 55% vaccine breakthrough rate if you combine the partially and fully vaccinated….



** This post was originally published on November 7, 2021 **