Israel: Finance minister “totally fine” with 1,000 Covid deaths a month

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When asked about the over 1,000 who died of Covid in Israel in the past month, Finance minister Avigdor Liberman said, “I am totally fine with it. All our lives is risk management, and you need to make decisions that aren’t simple. Every year, 350-360 people will die in car accidents, but despite this we don’t make cars illegal. The decisions are not simple.”

Israel National News report


Israel will allow unvaccinated tourists of all ages to enter the country starting on March 1, after Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Health Minister Nitzan Horowitz agreed on Sunday to lift several COVID restrictions.  “We are seeing a constant decline in morbidity data, so it is time to gradually open up,” Bennett said.

Haaretz News report


Israel counts 50 COVID-19 deaths a day on average in February 2022. The bleak statistic comes as this month’s death toll exceeds 1,000, compared to January’s 674 fatalities; severe cases continue to fall and stand at 775; 17,658 Israelis test positive for coronavirus.

Ynet News report


Israel’s Covid death rate has been rising again recently, having reached an all-time high in early February 2022.



Israel also has one of the highest booster dose vaccination rates in the world.





** This post was originally published on February 21, 2022 **