Israel: Previous Covid-19 infection may offer more protection than vaccination

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People who have recovered from Covid-19 are around 9% of Israel’s population, but they’re less than 1% of current cases. That has led to speculation that recovery from past Covid is more protective against infection from the Delta Variant than vaccination. Known recovered people in Israel are mostly not vaccinated, though some chose to get a single booster dose

“There could be other explanations for this result. The Delta wave is, for now at least, not affecting the communities hardest hit by Israel’s previous Covid waves: Ultra Orthodox Jews and Israeli Arabs. So perhaps recovered people aren’t being exposed to the virus yet.

But I’m not sure that’s enough to explain the sharp difference. From data I was passed last week, recovered people were testing at only 0.1% positivity, compared to more than 1% for vaccinated people.

It’s clear that Delta is spreading in Israel’s vaccinated population. Vaccinated people are getting Delta, and — critically — vaccinated people are giving Delta to other vaccinated people.”

Report by Arieh Kovler


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Image by Tom Gordon from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on July 20, 2021 **