UK government fesses up to hundreds more Covid-19 deaths

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The UK has confessed that there have been hundreds more Covid-19 deaths in Britain during the pandemic than they had previously admitted to, and they have added 534 deaths to the UK  Covid-19 dashboard after reviewing reinfections.

The reason for the increase is, as explained on here, is that “From 31 January 2022, UKHSA COVID-19 case reporting has changed to an episode-based definition which includes possible reinfections.

This means that from 1 February 2022 deaths will be reported using the new episode-based case definition in England, including deaths following possible reinfections. From this point, reported deaths in people with COVID-19 (within 28 or 60 days of positive test) are considered from the first positive specimen date of the most recent episode of infection, rather than an individual’s first ever positive specimen date.”

UK Covid-19 dashboard


In a separate, but probably linked development, the UK government have decided that the daily Covid death toll will no longer be published by Easter under plans to ‘live with Covid’. report




Image by Jürgen Sieber from Pixabay

** This post was originally published on February 2, 2022 **