UK: nearly 2.4 million people have symptomatic Covid

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The UK Covid app ZOE is showing another case record in Britain. Nearly 2.4 million people currently have symptomatic Covid, that is, they are reporting symptoms of Covid after a confirmed test.


Britain has also seen over 200,000 people report a NEW Covid infection today, 3rd January 2021.


Inevitably, hospitalizations have started to increase as Britain’s Covid situation continues to spiral out of control:


The British government has decided to mandate masks for schoolkids on their return to school this coming week, and to have 7,000 filters fitted in some of the country’s 32,000 schools after approving basic mitigation work that should have been started in 2020.

As always with the UK government, it’s far too little, far too late.





The lack of mitigations over Christmas and New Year is also now coming home to roost:


UPDATE – 2nd January 2021

English schools to move some lessons online as Covid hits teacher availability

** This post was originally published on January 2, 2022 **